Masai Mara National Reserve

The reserve is situated in the Rift Valley with Tanzania's Serengeti Plains running along its southern end.

Damaraland with its dramatic landforms tortured volcanic history, free-ranging big game, and huge ephemeral river systems is a true wilderness of great magesty.

An elephant back safari is more than just learning about and becoming familiar with one of Africa's most stately, intelligent mammals - the African Elephant. It is a luxurious adventure of relaxed interaction with the herd, enjoying the wilds of Africa and getting acquainted with these gentle giants in a meaningful way. Close interaction with the elephants and their grooms are sometimes possible depending if you go with a tour company, who may arrange riding, walking or swimming with the elephants. After your elephant back safari experience you will take away memories that will stay with you forever.

Arguably one of the most spectacular deserts on the planet, the Namib, with its iconic ocher dunes and vast grassy plains is a delight to every sense we are graced with.