Make an effort to save wildlife

When you book your holiday you can see at first hand the variety of animals at first hand and help to stop their destruction..

Africa and especially Botswana has free-ranging big game, and a true wilderness of great magesty.

An elephant or lion or leopard safari when you visit is more than just learning about the wildlife but also becoming familiar with one of Africa's most stately, intelligent mammals - the African Elephant. It is an adventure seeing the herd, enjoying the wilds of Africa and getting aquainted with these gentle giants in a meaningful way. Close interaction with the elephants may also happen, you may even end up walking or swimming with the elephants. But memories that will stay with you forever, may in the future be all that you have if we don't stop the unnecessary killing that's going on every day.


Already The Lion is EXTINCT in 7 African Country's.

Only 2,000 Grey Zebra are left.

Up to 35,000 African Elephants have been KILLED last year

So what is it used for Jewelry, Utensils, Religious Figures, Trinkets.  It is not worth the life of any animal, just so people can have something on their desk as a souvenir.  From just a few feet away you could not tell the difference between bone or Ivory and artificial made products, so why kill an animal.  Animal bone, Ivory is way more expensive so why pay more just for a look?

YOU can make a big difference and save the wild animals, so your children and their children can see and hear them in the future  HOW?

1.     DONT buy items made out of Ivory or Bone or Pelts, they are best left with the animal.

2.     DONT accept gifts of the same items, show you dont approve even if the gift is from a friend or relative, perhaps they might not attempt to buy them the next time they go on holiday.

3.     DONT let your ego get involved, you may want to show off your hunters trophy on the wall.  Instead buy a properly mounted head or other item, that has come from a natural death of an animal, it will look just as good on your wall, but you did not have to kill a living animal to get it.

4.     DO donate where you can with whatever you can afford to organisations that help save and promote conservation

5.     DO take video and pictures and show others how better it is that the animals are alive instead of dead

6.     DO promote conservation, and pressure your counties leaders to take a more active role in preserving the natural wildlife.