The Best Viewing in Africa

In Botswana is the Mashatu Game Reserve, here you will find "Petes" Pond a testiment to what can be done to save animals

Pete Le Roux’s passion for the protection and preservation of Botswana’s wildlife has shown just what can be done to protect wild animals of all kinds. Its an amazing success story not only for the game reserve and Peter Le Roux but for the animals too, who come to drink each day and night, without the fear of poachers.  Pete was disturbed by the number of animals being poached near the Limpopo River, and was determined to provide an alternative water source, which would allow animals to come and visit and drink knowing they were safe.  With all the senseless killing by poachers, the wildlife would have a chance to repopulate.  This has been highly successful and many times you can see baby animals visiting with their parents.

You too can help save our fantastic animals, every thought can save a life, simply by avoiding buying Ivory will help to stop the trade and the killing needed to obtain the Ivory just to make your table decoration.  Its not worth the life of an Elephant just for that!