More than You Can Imagine

Be it a romantic holiday, or a place you have dreamed of visiting, Africa holds a fantastic experience.  Better than seeing Africa's wild animals in zoos, you can see them in their natural wonder. If you cant afford to visit, then their are many webcams available, where you can view live, animals in their natural wonder, view Elephants, Impala and much more from the comfort of your home.  Many cameras have sound so you get the sounds of Africa as well, making it feel like your there.  in Botswana, especially, in the Mashatu there is a place called "Petes Pond" excavated by Pete La Roux who has turned this into an alternative waterhole for all sorts of animals, that were being poached in areas elsewhere.  Now they can be safe from poachers, something so simple yet effective, and you can view all the animals on a dedicated webcam installed at the pond.

The African continent is anticipated to experience more than its fair share of climate change’s negative impacts. From extreme weather patterns to losses in crop productivity to an overall decrease in the quality of life for both the people and wildlife that call Africa “home,” the effects of a changing climate are only continuing to accelerate.

Deforestation throughout Africa is also troubling—while the continent is home to 17 percent of the world’s forests, it is losing them at four times the rate of the global average. We can all help to save both the planet and animals from losing their habitat, all we have to do is try